Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh. ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church (675)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

When the Saints Go Marching Out

One of the stranger, but mostly unnoticed aspects of papal homilies, is the infrequency with which Pope Francis talks of the Saint commemorated on that particular day in the Church's calendar. It is as if the lives of the Saints are being airbrushed from the Pope's catechesis. I am sure you can find some exceptions and I'm not sure whether this is a Jesuit thing, but I would have thought that the Feast of St Simon and St Jude, glorious Apostles and Martyrs of the Church, would be good opportunities to talk of these heroic men who can help us by their powerful prayers.

On such a happy day, such as the Feast of the patron of cases despaired of, the Pope could easily encourage devotion to this Saint. Instead, his hearers received a homily about Catholic citizenship and how Christians should not be on the 'threshold' but in the Church. In general, I think I'm right in saying that in papal homilies, the Saint of the day does not really get much of a look in.  What his hearers and then the world media received from this papal homily was this: 'Poor Judas, eh? He didn't sin any more or less than any of the other Apostles. Who sinned the most out of the Apostles? Who knows?' 

More precisely the Holy Father said:

Judas was not the one who sinned the most: I don’t know who sinned the most.

On paper, of course, that sentence makes little sense. It reads as follows:

Did Judas sin the most? Definitely Not.
Did Judas sin the most? I do not know.

Which one is it, Holy Father? USA Today decided to run with the first statement and not the second as a headline. Furthermore, it's not quite fair to say that 'all of the Apostles were sinners' because that needs qualification in as much as these men became Saints. Yes all of the Apostles are Saints, most of them, like St Simon and St Jude were martyred for the love of Christ and His Church. Whatever their sins - and only St Peter's sin is recorded in his triple denial of his Lord, does that not deserve or warrant some kind of honour? Further still, while the world remembers the notorious sin of Judas in particular and remembers not the sins of the Apostles in general, it certainly is not objectionable to recall that the sin of Judas could have been wiped away, had his remorse turned to repentance and caused him to kneel before his crucified God and Lord. The problem with a subtle rehabilitation of Judas or a kind of subtle 'equalisation' of the Apostles with the traitor is that while the Apostles cried out things like "Increase our faith!", as Benedict XVI remarked, it is quite likely Judas had no faith. Judas throws back the silver at the chief priests claiming, 'I have betrayed innocent blood'. We do not hear Judas confess, "I have betrayed my Lord and God!"

In the scattering of the Apostles, bar St John, we can say that the majority of the Apostles committed a sin of cowardice in leaving Jesus to die in the company of His Blessed Mother and those recorded in the Gospels. We can say that their sin was motivated by fear. Judas's sin was motivated by malice. The Devil, according to Christ, had entered into Judas suggesting that he was possessed by the very Devil Pope Francis warns us about today. Such is not said of the other Apostles whose behaviour seems to be born out of human weakness rather than diabolical activity and consort with the enemies of Christ.

The upshot of this homily is that one major newspaper in the US has carried the story that the Pope believes all the Apostles were sinners and that Judas was no worse than any of them, despite the immediate contradiction he makes of his statement and the fact that after the Resurrection, these virtuous, heroic men laid down their lives for Jesus Christ and suffered a glorious martyrdom in defence of His Name and His Church. I am certain that the Apostles will always have recalled their weakness in scattering away when the Shepherd was struck and knowledge of their cowardice will have kept them humble in preaching the Good News to the Jews and the Gentiles. They repented and went from strength to strength, virtue to virtue, glory to glory. Judas didn't. According to the Acts of the Apostles, in selecting a new Bishop to replace the traitor, a process underway for Arundel and Brighton...

"...they prayed and said, "You, Lord, who know the hearts of all men, show which one of these two You have chosen to occupy this ministry and apostleship from which Judas turned aside to go to his own place."

The Apostles, though aware of their own sorrowful fault in leaving the Lord's side while it was pierced by a soldier's lance, obviously did not consider themselves in the same league, sharing the same fate or having the same sin as Judas, because they did not orchestrate the handing over of the Lord of Glory to His enemies and were only scattered from Jesus following the Lord's arrest, because of Judas's notorious sin.

Despite this, they all repented, St Peter in particular and went on to become triumphant Saints and, all but St John, martyrs for the Lord Jesus. Therefore, it is simply unfair and unjust to put Judas and the other Apostles in the same league. Judas left the league who were to become glorious citizens of Heaven, going to 'his own place'.

Two years ago, Pope Benedict XVI discussed Judas in far clearer terms. Having completed his homily, he prayed to God to “help us to believe in Jesus, as St. Peter did, and to always be sincere with Him and with all people.”

Jesus knew that even among the twelve apostles there was one that did not believe: Judas. Judas could have left, as many of the disciples did; indeed, he would have left if he were honest. Instead he remained with Jesus. He did not remain because of faith, or because of love, but with the secret intention of taking vengeance on the Master. Why? Because Judas felt betrayed by Jesus, and decided that he in turn would betray Him. Judas was a Zealot, and wanted a triumphant Messiah, who would lead a revolt against the Romans. Jesus had disappointed those expectations. The problem is that Judas did not go away, and his most serious fault was falsehood, which is the mark of the devil. This is why Jesus said to the Twelve: “One of you is a devil” (John 6.70). We pray to the Virgin Mary, help us to believe in Jesus, as St. Peter did, and to always be sincere with Him and with all people. ~ Pope Benedict XVI, 26th August 2012

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

At What Point Can Catholics Question the 'Soundness of Mind' of the Supreme Pontiff?

Anyway, there's this website called 'Biblical False Prophet'...

Is Pope Francis okay? I mean, is he okay? I know that we can all quite happily overlook our own sins and bothersome personality traits. We can all be a bit hypocritical and recognise in others more quickly those faults that are our own, but I agree with Veneremur Cernui that there is something about Pope Francis's homilies and speeches that almost demands some call for a papal 'reality check'.

Perhaps His Holiness is receiving some kind of 'reality check' from the crowds in Rome who, I am told by a priest who returned from Rome recently, received somewhat lukewarm applause from the Roman crowd, who saved their biggest cheer for the moment when the Pope Emeritus was brought out for the day. I must say I was a little alarmed when the Pope Emeritus says he only goes out when the Pope invites him but I guess we shouldn't read too much into whether that's a 'self-imposed' 24-hour curfew from the retired Pope or something else entirely. Let's face it. There are already enough conspiracy theories concerning Benedict XVI's abdication to keep those interested up all night. He did say he would live a 'hidden' life. The priest I talked to about his visit to Rome is, it has to be said, completely disillusioned and utterly depressed concerning this pontificate.

The way in which papal homilies are going nowadays indicate a Pope who does not have a healthy relationship with reality and I say that as someone who enjoys escaping reality a great deal. I wouldn't be surprised if one day we hear a homily like this...

'The corrupt Christians, the mean Christians, the hypocrite Christians. No! These are not Christians! You know, when I was an Archbishop in Buenos Aires, you know what happened. Let me tell you the story. You won't believe it. There was another Bishop in another Diocese, eh? He shall remain nameless. Few people ever understood where he stood on any of the moral issues of the day. This is important for a Bishop, no? He always sowed confusion, eh? He was somewhat enigmatic in this regard...His Diocese had a seminary and there was a flourishing order with a wonderful charism rooted in faith, no? Men were flocking to their Order because of the charism and women too, to the convent they had established. Well, he disliked their charism and so you know what he did? You know what he did? He crushed the Order because he hated their charism. Just like that! And the seminary in his Diocese? Pah! He inherited a seminary  full to overflowing, but after 25 years of his being the Bishop, nearly empty! How destructive are these mean, corrupt, hypocritical, authoritarian Bishops, eh? No? Let us pray for the grace to be good stewards of those we are given to shepherd. Lord, let us never be like that Bishop.'

I decided to take a screen-shot of the YouTube homily which you can view here today at Rome Reports because for Pope Francis to ask that question is bizarre and topical. It possibly hasn't filtered up to the top that there are now more than a few Catholic websites dedicated to 'Pope Francis: the False Prophet of Revelation' and hitherto perfectly reasonable Catholics are asking just the question that His Holiness asked today. Who is feeding this insatiable frenzy of Catholics going to such websites for consolation and answers to their bewilderment? Well actually, quite frankly, it is the Pope. His Holiness can hardly blame Maria Divine Mercy for her popularity. Perhaps His Holiness is her advertising agent. I guess its no worse an offer than Porsche.

Pope Emeritus Benedict: His mind is still as lucid and brilliant as ever it was 
Back to the homilies. By now you must realise that when His Holiness says there are 'three kinds of Christians' that there are in fact, around 199 different types of Christians so far, because this is a consistent homiletic strategy from the Pope. I believe its a Jesuit 'way in' to a homily. Anyway, there are another three types today.

There are light Christians, gray Christians and dark Christians. The 'light Christians' are full of light and serve God. 'Dark Christians' - I assume His Holiness is not alluding to African Bishops who refused to bow to the Kasper Doctrine - talk in a 'hypocritical, empty and obscene way'. I'll let His Holiness introduce the other character type to you...

"They are the Christians of gray areas. And these Christians of gray areas are on one side first and then the other. People say of these: 'Is this person with God or the devil?' Huh? Always in the grey area. They are lukewarm. They are neither light nor dark. And God does not love these. In Revelation, the Lord says to these Christians of gray areas: 'No, you are neither hot nor cold. If only you were hot or cold. But because you are lukewarm – always in the gray areas- I will vomit you out of my mouth'. The Lord has strong words for these Christians of gray areas. 'I am a Christian, but without overdoing it!' they say, and in doing so cause so much harm, because their Christian witness is a witness that in the end only sows confusion, it sows a negative witness".

Hmm...What a thoroughly exciting, terrifying, fingernail-biting Synod that was? Does anybody know yet whose side the Pope was on? I'm itching to know and I think I do know, but there's still this little hopeful part of me that hopes against all odds that the Pope is still Catholic, or, at least, the new one. I am so confused by this Papacy I don't have a clue what is going on, where the Pope really stands on anything. I'm still left a little confused. In fact, every day I find his comments and the lack of transparency in Rome confusing. I'm confused at the 'de-Ratzingerisation' of the Vatican. There is nothing terribly clear about this papacy. It's like driving in a dense fog. Even when his opinion is made clear something, you still have a nagging feeling that that is simply the opinion (life imprisonment, the death penalty, the Big Bang, evolution etc) of Jorge Bergoglio, the man, rather than that of the more hitherto carefully constructed and balanced positions of the Catholic Church. 


More worrying than what Pope Francis says is what Pope Francis does. More worrying than what Pope Francis says and does is what we are not told. More worrying than all of this is what Pope Francis says we should not do, he manifestly does with, seemingly zero problem for his conscience. This is the reason I ask, the question: Is Pope Francis okay? Is Pope Francis 'all there'? In the case of this Pope, I don't know what is more terrifying at this moment - the idea that the Pope has lost touch with reality or the idea that the Pope knows exactly what he is doing, and does and says what he does with meticulous fore-thought and knows its completely contradictory. Out of the two, I'd rather that His Holiness is, well, quite frankly, not of sound mind. Much was said that was negative of Benedict XVI within and without the Church. What could never be questioned was the clarity and soundness of his mind.

I know what you're going to say. You're going to say. "Sound mind? You're a fine one to talk!"

Well yes, but you see, I'm not the Vicar of Christ on Earth. The Church can deal with a layman who is a fruit-loop. You'll usually find a few in every parish. It cannot cope so easily with a fruit-loop Pope. Cardinal Kasper claimed that the Pope has a 'hundred year plan' for the Church. If true, you have to say that is both a mark of his humility and ambition. Josef Stalin only planned five years at a time. Happy Feast of St Simon and St Jude to all readers.

When Popes Talk Science...

Still a theory, see?

It annoys me, even if the one saying it is a trained chemist.

There are things we can say with certainty as Catholics, that is with the certainty that God is trustworthy in what He has revealed.

Interesting as they are, the Faith of the Catholic Church does not rest on theories but upon a Person, Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word and so it annoys me when the Pope entertains theories, or places the Papal Seal of Approval upon theories which, when given a prominence and status they do not necessarily deserve, become so called 'facts' spoken of by a Pope.

I find it a little inconsistent to maintain that certain truths revealed and handed down to us from the most trustworthy of Sources can be challenged, or 'debated' but certain theories are given infallible status, first by the scientific community and now by the Pope. That which has been revealed by God (Who is Perfect), for many Jesuits, for example, simply 'cannot be known' but that which is revealed by man (who is imperfect), is somehow 'a given'.

I'm happy to hear the theories but at the end of the day, I'm content to say that, unlike Wisdom, I was not there, at play, before, during or after the Creation of all that is. I accept that all has been created by God 'out of nothing'.

And what really annoys me - especially when it is said by a Pope - is this little gem...

The development of each creature’s characteristics over millennia ‘does not contrast with the notion of creation because evolution presupposes the creation of beings that evolve,’ he said. Reading Genesis we imagine that God is ‘a wizard with a magic wand’ capable of doing all things, he said. ‘But it is not so. He created life and let each creature develop according to the natural laws which he had given each one.’

'It is not so that God is capable of doing all things?' That is not what it says in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Now, we can happily say that God is not a 'magician' with a 'magic wand' because to say that would be to attribute to Almighty God a purely human characteristic or even a human tendency towards charlatanism. Remember, magic tricks are not real. Magic tricks are usually performed through optical illusion and sleight of hand.

However, no matter the manner by which God brought all things that exist to be 'in the beginning', we would do well to believe that the Lord Who walked on water, turned water into wine, fed the five thousand, raised Lazarus, became Incarnate of the Virgin Mary, rose again on the Third Day, ascended into Heaven from whence He shall come again can do as He pleases, when He pleases and in such manner as He pleases because if God has one - just one - attribute to which we can ascribe to Him with great certainty, it is that He is God and is indeed 'capable of all things'. God is entirely free.

Because God is capable of all things - 'for with God all things are possible' - we should never wish to limit His Divine Power by assuming that such things as the Creation of the Universe and man simply must abide by our human theories - and they remain theories - because He is God. Incidentally, God alone knows!

God is not a magician, since unlike a magician He does not deceive, but if God wanted to create all things in seven 'days', be they literal or allegorical of 'thousands and thousands of years', it would serve His creatures better to believe that if God wanted to do it in seven literal days, He could. God spoke everything into being as He chose, above and beyond all human fathoming, or reasoning, because God is God and nothing is impossible or difficult for Him. Because I am a creature it would serve me better to believe that God is the Creator and that is that.

Yes, if anyone has Time on His Hands, it is God Almighty, since He exists outside of both time and space, but let us not fall into the trap of placing our faith in human philosophies and theories that simply do not do justice to even the concept of an Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God. It is dangerous for us to think that God's power is somehow 'limited'.

God created natural laws but He does not have to abide by them. Created things and processes may reflect something of God, but they are not God. I dare say that theories rooted in naturalism are prevalent among many a Bishop in Rome today. After all, the Freemasons gave the World a heady concoction of these ideas in order to denigrate the Holy Faith of the Catholic Church. I guess its 'one small step for a Pope, one giant leap for mankind' to apply the principles of evolution to the Church's teachings, but no magic wand will do away with the words of Jesus Christ, Whose 'words will never pass away'.

When the Catholic Church investigates a Miracle science is its servant up to the point at which a Miracle as been objectively discerned or discovered. It would be worthwhile remembering that once evidence for a Miracle is discovered, the scientific line of enquiry has served its purpose and is rendered redundant since the Miracle itself is inexplicable. Such an event is beyond human reasoning. Do we really believe that Creation, no matter 'how' it was achieved, was not in some way in the order of the Miraculous? Therefore, what purpose does science have in its explanation? Just a thought. And if all that makes me a simpleton, well, I'd rather be a simpleton for Christ than a know it all because only God knows it all.

You would have thought that if anyone knew that, it would be the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Catholic Church. I would very much like to hear His Holiness speak with such certainty on matters of doctrine.

Still a theory, see?

Monday, 27 October 2014

The House the Masons Built

Readers will be amused to hear there is a really nice part for a xylophone in this song. 

Unfortunately, not only do I not have a xylophone, but I can't play the xylophone and guitar at the same time.

To those readers who are irritated by my songs, normal service will be resumed today.

The House the Masons Built

This is the house that the masons are building
A derelict chapel falling into ruins
You’ll wake up wonderin’
‘What are they doing?’
But this is the house that the masons are building

You open up a newspaper and lo and behold
A new language emanates from Rome
The old certainties are being buried beneath
The place you knew as home

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid”
You were told a Saint,
A prophet and beloved Pope
But now “don’t be afraid in a changing age,
A new programme has been installed”

But you’ll say…
“This is the house that the masons are building
A derelict chapel falling into ruins!”
“What in Heaven’s name do they think they are doing?”
Ah but this is the house that the masons are building

This is the house that the masons are building
A field hospital where physicians are dealing
Poison to the wounded that they claimed to be healing
‘Cos Truth was the medicine the soldiers needed

With a phone call,
With an interview,
A Synod or two
Discard the ancient and embrace the new
Ah the demolition of the foundations
Will be in our grasp quite soon!
The dissenters will have nowhere to turn anymore
And they are baggage we can leave behind
Under a Roman sky
We shall unveil the sign
The new Church of the world will shine

There is nothing, nobody on Earth who could stop us now
A new religion that will bind each man
In fraternity, solidarity, our Big Brotherhood of Man
By the time we’re done your protest will be little and late
Far too late to stop the plan of old
What you once held sacred is sacred no longer
Because our masons are in control

But you’ll say
This is the house that the masons are building
Where traditional Bishops meet with a glass ceiling
“Investigate that prelate for promoting kneeling
We don’t want these people really believing!”

This is the house that the masons are building
Where Jesus is exchanged
For a utopian scheme leaving
A derelict chapel in rubble beneath
The house that the masons have nearly completed

This is the house that the masons are building
A derelict chapel falling into ruins
You’ll wake up one day screaming
‘What are they doing?’
But then she warned you
This was the house that the masons were building.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

God of Surprises

I can only imagine this is what Pope Francis means.

Don't be afraid of the God of Surprises.

He is trustworthy and faithful to His promises.

So when He comes again, many may be surprised, but you believed.

Let us be found ready and waiting for Him upon His Appearance.

For neither our private, nor the General Judgment, Lord let us be taken by surprise.

That must be what His Holiness means.

Catholics to Attend Lewes Bonfire

The traditional Pope-burning ceremony has ran into controversy this year
Lewes, East Sussex: The annual Guy Fawkes parade in Lewes has ran into a procedural problem regarding the usual 'effigy burning' of the Pope. Organisers say that among Protestants and the local community Pope Francis is too popular to burn and with the Pope Emeritus no longer reigning, the centre-piece effigy to be burnt will have to be an irritating celebrity like Russell Brand.

However, a group of traditional Catholics from as far away as Eastbourne - in a move that is attracting international attention - have protested that, in the words of one their spokespersons, "If they don't do it, we will."

Those close to the Holy Father expressed surprised delight at the news, welcoming the 'refreshing change', attributing it to the 'God of Surprises' and the persuasive, serene theology of Cardinal Kasper. Cardinal Kasper is said, this year, to be attending the Lewes Bonfire, a traditionally ant-Catholic affair but which in the light of a 'revolutionary Pope' has changed the atmosphere of the event. As part of what has become an annual 'ritual' for the people of Lewes, Cardinal Kasper is reported to be intending to symbolically place into the Lewes Bonfire the Eighth Commandment scribbled on the back of a Harvey's Brewery beer mat, because, in the words of the Cardinal, "Having listened to Pope Francis, I have realised that the Eighth Commandment, for me at least, is obsolete. It gets in the way of my relationship with Jesus, or, at the very least, advancing my agenda."

Cardinal Kasper is said to be looking forward to "nearly 2,000 years of Catholic teaching going up in smoke."

The Sussex Wicca Society (SWS), who worship both the 'god and goddess of surprises' were "pleasantly surprised", and a spokesman said, "It just shows we are the same now. We worship the same god(dess)." The more mainstream Sussex Satanists (SS) issued a statement, saying, "We are sure there are more important things to do than do than burn effigies of Popes, especially when there is the annual virgin sacrifice is going on the following week in the reformed rite of 1969. Bring sandwiches (vegan only) to share afterwards and if you are a musician bring you instruments for the music group. Any virgins volunteering for liturgy, please sign the sign up sheet in the porch, but equally, do sign up for our bring and buy sale. All tea and coffee will be Fairtrade."

Gigantic Pope Francis balloons are to adorn the sky for the Golden Jubilee
More extreme, "less gradualist",  but dismissed by mainstream Satanists as 'a passing fashion trend', the Traditional Sussex Satanists Society (TSxSS) said in a statement, "Yes, we too rather like this Pope, he's increased our membership considerably, we are fed up with Pope-bashing now."

"We are in a new era under Francis," said the spokesperson. "He is a breath of fresh air. We turn instead look to the burning the effigies of Novus Ordo Satanists like Aleister Crowley, a sickening liberal. Give us back the Old Black Mass (Missal of 1962). In a new era of dialogue, we ask Pope Francis, in the spirit of fraternity and brotherhood, whether he might one day be the one to celebrate it and recognise the validity of our orders. We look forward to ongoing talks with Cardinal Kasper and the Vatican in what we hope will become an historic inter-faith gathering in Rome." Fr Frederico Lombardi, taken aback by the idea said, "This is all news to me, but it has to be said that Pope Francis has made it clear that the chief weapon of the Devil is disunity. Therefore, we cannot rule out unity with even traditional Satanists. Only the Devil could be against such a move."

The spokesman for the local Catholic diocese was unavailable to comment, though it is rumoured the Lewes Bonfire Society have been invited to supply a fifty foot-high inflatable Pope Francis intended to fly over the AMEX football stadium in Brighton for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the diocese. The period of rapprochement between the Catholic Church in England and Wales and the Lewes Pope-burning Bonfire Society is being widely viewed as a "breakthrough" by Cardinal Vincent Nichols after years of "misunderstanding" between the Catholic Church and the Lewes Bonfire Society.

Gigantic balloons of Pope Francis which will rise like the phoenix over the triumphant AMEX event taking place in the shadow of the resignation of the Diocese's Bishop due to infidelity to vows and scandalous involvement in the break-up of a marriage of those in his care. However, it is thought, the event should not antagonise locals of any creed or lifestyle, but be a "sign of welcoming" for hundreds of gay couples and divorced and remarried couples for miles, as well as for traditionally more aggressive Protestants in the region. In order to recoup costs, the gigantic balloons may be sold to one of the Lewes Bonfire Societies, or perhaps a Catholic society for burning next year, that is, after the Ordinary Synod on the Family. It is rumoured that, in fact, one or two Cardinals currently 'out of favour' in Rome have already made requests for the balloons.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Exclusive: Photographic Dossier of Charges Against Investigated Bishop Made Public

This image was taken by a Vatican investigator into the dark and sinister ministry of Bishop Oliveri of the Albenga-Imperia Diocese in Italy. Note the Bishop's left arm and his hand clasped as if in a fist. Though the investigation has no photograph of the shocking left hook being planted on the innocent man dressed in a white t-shirt, be assured he was knocked out cold by the Bishop after the individual pleaded for the cessation of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. That man is in a coma and is yet to awake from it. Does the Bishop care? Not a bit!

The Bishop walks around in lace, followed by other sinister men wearing lace. In this photograph it can be clearly seen that the Bishop point blank refuses a pauper (out of camera shot) any of his lace garments which he needed for some net curtains for his humble abode. "No!" cried the Bishop out loud, "Lace is for God, find your own lace you filthy vermin! If you're poor and want lace, go and see Pope Francis. He's into that kind of charitable work nonsense, but not me. On your bike, mate!"

Next can be seen evidence of witchcraft performed by the Bishop under investigation. Notice how in his right hand he carries a magical wand. Yes. He is a wizard or thinks himself as such, teaching his deluded disciples that he can perform magic with his wand. Superstition and witchcraft is condemned by the Church. How can this man be allowed to continue his wizardry without censure?

Next, a most damning charge. See five of his victims laid flat on the floor, prostrate before the Bishop. Two alarming accounts have been given of this incident. The first, that this image proves that the Bishop has told his disciples that he is God and has asked them to worship him. The second alarming account is that this is in fact five victims who were shot and now lay face down, dead, after refusing to worship him. Need we any more evidence of this horror of this man's guilt?

How did that image get in here? Sorry! Wrong slide!

This Bishop was meant to be celebrating Mass for a group of orphans from a nearby home for children looked after by the Church, but instead, he decided to go and see his favourite football team in an away match, leaving children in floods of tears. Is he sorry? Just look at his face for the answer. He's more concerned about football, watching it in his VIP box indeed, than giving pastoral care to orphans!

During his 25 year ministry, this sinister man accrued vast personal wealth and enriched himself from the pockets of poor people. He decided to live outside the centre of his Diocese which had given him perfectly suitable lodging in order to build himself a gigantic residence in the countryside modelled on a Bavarian castle. He lived there alone and never took visitors but for those he called in for 'special training' days. It is thought that it was here that the Bishop trained seminarians and priests to take nude pictures of themselves and put them online like pornographic playboys. He orchestrated the corrupt network of nude 'selfies' taken by the vulnerable priests from here.

The Bishop was given perfectly adequate toilet, shower and bath, but instead decided to build himself this luxury spa instead because the bath was, his words, "not big enough". In the image can clearly be seen priests and their mistresses being groomed for online rude photography Flickr uploading sessions.

This was the 'light breakfast' eaten by the Bishop every morning. He always ate alone. During the investigation it was uncovered that the Bishop would eat this 'light breakfast' every day. On the few occasions that poor people broke through security fencing at his luxury abode, he set rottweilers on them. They were never able to have even a chicken leg from his banquet breakfast table. It was all for him. Some days he could only eat half of it. The half he couldn't eat he would throw in the bin while poor people cried out for food outside the residence.

A list of charges is read out of the many crimes of this sinister Bishop as he is detained in an Italian mental health ward. The Bishop's answer? "I am guilty of all these charges but I'd do it all again. If it hadn't been for Pope Francis and his just investigation, I'd have got away with all of it."

And last, but not least, we now see what inspired this prelate to years of deception, robbery, witchcraft, murder, personal enrichment and intrigue. Here is the said prelate, during a Traditional Latin Mass that he celebrated often and with sickening reverence. We now see what caused this, we assume, once perfectly sane and respectable man to become so full of malice and the evidence of the kind of liturgy that breeds disreputable criminals, perhaps all over the world.

I think we can safely say that any need for any kind of transparent trial or unbiased investigation is made impossible by the photographic dossier that has somehow been made public. By rights this reprobate should be behind bars for a long time - though not for life, of course, but because Pope Francis is merciful, the best he can hope for is some kind of public humiliation and the extent of his authority over this notorious Diocese to be severely limited and another take his place, so that his Diocese can thrive like the other Dioceses in Italy, where vocations - and chaste, holy priests, unlike this sordid Diocese, are blossoming.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Because Changing the 'Man at the Top' Always Removes Scandal from a Diocese

Read the report at Rorate. It's all so simple, isn't it? I mean, 'a change at the top' always leads to the amendment of the ways of those over whom he is given authority in a Diocese. Before Pope Francis tries to tackle scandal in another Italian Diocese, you might think he would want to tackle scandal in his own Diocese, or maybe even his own living quarters. 

Is it possible that there is an 'ideological' agenda driving who Pope Francis targets for 'special measures' and the visit of a 'Commissioner', that might just have something to do with the Latin Mass and Catholic tradition?

Are we really to believe that if a 'Francis-agenda friendly' Bishop is appointed to this Diocese, suddenly all seminarians and clergy will start behaving and the 'gossip' (which Pope Francis cannot abide as we know) concerning the Diocese will stop?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Prayer Request

Readers, please pray for EF Pastor Emeritus who has just recently updated his blog as follows:

'Just over a month ago I was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. It was a false alarm, for which I was truly grateful as I have had more than enough illnesses, , I thought, during past six years!
However during the four days I was an in-patient other tests, including CT scan and cardiogram, were performed. Result: – lung cancer and 3 blocked arteries. After long discussion with consultant I decided against targetted deep radium treatment, though I agreed to have work done on arteries. That latter job is due tomorrow, Thursday. So a prayer would be appreciated. I received Sacrament of the sick yesterday.
Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam.'

Pray for this kind and faithful blogging priest of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Continue to pray, too, for Richard Collins (RIP), whose funeral it was yesterday and for his bereaved wife and family.

How to Welcome 'the Gays'

Fr Dwight Longnecker is asking how it is that priests are meant to 'welcome' gays. Other priests may also be wondering how this should be done sensitively, pastorally and without making any 'gays' in the congregation feel like they are in some way different to everybody else.

"Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to St. __________ Church for this the __ nd/st/rd Sunday of Ordinary Time/week of Advent/Lent. Before we examine our consciences and ask the Lord for His mercy, I would like to welcome everyone to St. _________'s Church and particularly any gays who may be in the congregation."

This sensitive and helpful template guide will help priests in any possible welcoming situation. The word, 'gays' can also be replaced or exchanged with 'lesbians', 'transgenders', 'transvestites', 'bi-sexuals', 'unsures', 'asexuals' or 'questioning' as well as a multitude of other fabricated sexualities now dominating the queer studies lecturing circuit.

Of course, it can also be applied to any people in the congregation of various abilities such as blind, hard of hearing, disabled, those with mental health issues, those of different ethnic minorities and many more.

The advice is to try and keep the welcome snappy, Fathers, so do not fall into the trap of trying to welcome everyone by any characteristic, sexual predilection, ability, or ethnic minorities, otherwise the 'welcome' will go on too long and it will have been a good fifteen minutes before you get onto the Kyrie and, if appropriate for the season, the Gloria. This is due to the need for sensitivity to ensure that no 'party' of people feels more respected than another, which gives rise to the possibility of over-zealous repetition of the 'types' mentioned in your special 'welcome'.

The following example, therefore, is to be avoided, if possible..

"Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to St. Perpetua's Church for this the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time. Before we examine our consciences and ask the Lord for His mercy, I would of course like to welcome everyone to St. Perpetua's Church but particularly any gays, lesbians, blacks, transgendered, transvestites, bisexuals, unsure, questioning, disabled, wheelchair users, hard of hearing, blind, Filipino, Irish, Spanish, Portugese, Latin American, asexuals, sufferers with mental health issues (add other 'types' here)  who may be in the congregation. If I have missed anyone out I do apologise, but in particular, welcome to any gays out there. Therefore, I hope you feel welcome. And lesbians too...and...(insert 'types' you re-welcome here)..."

There is a special version of this helpful template for Cardinal Kasper, in which case an exception can be added at the end:

"...Therefore, I hope you all feel welcome, apart from any Africans. We don't listen to you and you can't tell us what to do. Your views are not wanted and your participation is not welcome here. By the way if anyone asks you whether I just said that, I didn't. In the unlikely event I have been recorded, if you have recorded me saying that, I have powerful friends in journalism, so don't take me on. I can destroy you, hear me? Yes! Destroy you!"

This, naturally, should be inserted at the end of the welcome only if Cardinal Kasper is celebrating Mass and should be delivered pastorally and as sensitively as possible by the said prelate. In no other circumstances should be be adopted. Copies of this welcoming template are available from CTS for just £3.99.

New CD to Hit the Stores in Rome Next Monday

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The Non-Judgmental Era of Francis


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